Katshava Mountains

Skansen Górniczo-Hutniczy in Leszczyna

Mining and Metallurgical Open-Air Museum in Leszczyna – a souvenir of the former Copper Basin in the vicinity of Złotoryja.


  • the vicinity of the village of Leszczyna near Złotoryja was for many centuries the center of copper mining
  • there is a Mining and Metallurgical Open-Air Museum with the reconstruction of twin furnaces and the Chamber of Mining Traditions
  • you will walk here along the educational path “Synklina Leszczyny” – it is a well-described and marked trail for about 1 hour walk, during which you will follow the history of the local mining industry
  • the path tells the story of open-pit copper ore mining
  • take a hammer with you, on the old heaps you can find minerals: navy blue azurite and green malachite, see in the gallery what to look for
  • in the Open-Air Museum there is also an inn, contact to the inn: +48 883 720 953
  • during the opening hours of the inn you can visit the chamber of mining traditions
  • there may be a problem with the range on site, it is worth having a map prepared in advance
  • for visiting the place you will receive a sticker to the Passport of the Discoverer of the Land of Extinct Volcanoes
Towers of the open-air museum in Leszczyna

The main element of the open-air museum is a reconstructed furnace,
composed of two towers

Skansen Górniczo-Hutniczy in Leszczyna

In the open-air museum, an educational path begins, leading through the areas of the former mine.

Furnace in skansen Górniczy in Leszczyna

During Dymarky Kaczawskie
on the territory of the museum you can see a real copper smelting.

Azurite and malachite from Hazel

Navy blue azurite and green malachite from Hazel.

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