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Gold of Wroclaw – mystery explained?

Wrocław Gold – has the mystery been clarified after 75 years of searching?


Gold of Wroclaw – an explained mystery?

  • in the winter of 1945. a mysterious convoy sets off from Wrocław,
  • its contents are bank gold, deposits of jewellery establishments and the property of private owners,
  • the purpose of the transport escorted by the SS is to reach a safe hiding place,
  • one of the potential places to hide the deposit is Mount Willenberg, i.e. today’s Wielisławka,
  • the guardian of the treasure is reportedly Herbert Klose, who inexplicably manages to stay after the war in Lower Silesia, dies in the 90s without revealing the secret …
  • the UB, then the SB are interested in the treasure, and the last wave of intensive government searches is the second half of the 80s,
  • before visiting the place, I recommend reading Robert Kudelski’s book entitled: Gold of Wroclaw. The birth of a legend, buy a book
  • the author of the book is a doctor of history, an outstanding specialist in the field of research on the property lost by Poland during World War II, author / co-author of several books on this subject, a friend of Greta and Lower Silesia.
Złoto Wrocławia

Wielisławka to góra podziurkowana sztolniami jak ser szwajcarski.

Gold of Wroclaw. The birth of a legend

“Gold of Wroclaw. The birth of a legend” – a necessary item for those who want to understand the history of Lower Silesia.

Robert Kudelski

Robert Kudelski – historyk, autor książki, która wyjaśnia tajemnicę Złota Wrocławia.

Poszukiwanie złota Wrocławia

Zapadliska na Wielisławce.


Góra Wielisławka to bardzo urocze miejsce. Jeden z wygasłych przed 230 milinami lat wulkanów. Czytaj więcej…

Poszukiwania wrocławskiego złota

Dziękujemy i do zobaczenia :-).

Złoto Wrocławia

Złoto Wrocławia.

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