Dobkow, Katshava Mountains

Agates and other minerals of the Kaczawskie Mountains and Foothills

Agate – a showcase of the Land of Extinct Volcanoes.

Places of occurrence of agate in Lower Silesia

The Kaczawskie Foothills are a real Mecca for mineral lovers.

Agates can be found in the following places:

  • closed quarry in Lubiechowa with agates and amethysts
  • Gozdno – agates, amethysts, quartz druses, smoky quartz in rhyolite
  • Nowy Kosciol, Rozana, Sokolowiec, Piekielko with agates in pink rhyolite
  • New Church – septaria (by the way agates)
  • closed quarry in Przezdziedza – rare ribbon agate
  • Ploczki Gorne near Lwowek Slaski – beautiful agates and chalcedony

See on the map the places where you will find agates

Along the way you'll see

Lubiechowa Quarry

Agaty, quarry in Lubiechowa

Quarry in Lubiechowa – one of the most famous places of occurrence of agate in Poland.

time needed: 2 h
Route length: 0.3 km
Exceedance: 15 m
Katshava Mountains
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