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Agaty, quarry in Lubiechowa

Quarry in Lubiechowa – one of the most famous places of occurrence of agate in Poland.


  • The Łomy quarry in Lubiechowa is a disused melaphyr quarry, currently it is safe and serves as a place of recreation
  • the place attracts especially mineral prospectors – near the walls of the quarry and on the heaps you can find rocks where agates, amethysts, calcites, malachites and others hide
  • independent search is possible, although without proper guidance and care of a guide you may not find anything interesting
  • mineral exploration workshops in Lubiechowa conducted by geologist Marcin Jaśkiewicz
  • there is a large, covered shelter with tables and benches, a place for a bonfire and even an outdoor barbecue
  • the facility is taken care of by the Lubiechowa Tourist Association, thanks to their efforts, the tourist infrastructure in the facility is still developing. We ask on their behalf that you leave this place clean!
  • see other locations where you can find agates

Frequently asked questions

Lubiechowa Quarry

Quarry in Lubiechowa. It is here that you will find agates and amethysts.

Agata in Lubiechowa

The construction of the quarry consists of as many as 7 lava flows.

Agate quarry

View of the Łomy quarry from above.

Lubiechów Crowbar Quarry

The heights of some of the walls of the quarry reach 30 meters.


Shelter in a quarry in Lubiechowa.

Lubiechowa Quarry

In the quarry there is also a place for a bonfire and a covered carport.

Agate from Lubiechowa

Agate from Lubiechowa.

Agata in the Quarry in Lubiechowa

Agates from Lubiechowa are valued by collectors all over the world.

Amethyst from Lubiechowa

A little less often amethysts happen.

Minerals Lubiechowa Quarry

Minerals from the Quarry in Lubiechowa.

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