Middle Sudetes

Tri-hump – observation tower

Observation tower on Trójgarbie – a modern observation tower in Lower Silesia.


  • the observation tower on Trójgarbie is a modern viewing platform with 5 terraces at different levels of height
  • from the tower you will see Rudawy Janowickie, Ślęża and Radunia, Chełmiec, Kaczawskie Mountains and Karkonosze
  • under the platform is a large carport with benches and a place for a bonfire
  • entrance to the tower is free of charge, and the viewing platform is open all year round

Frequently asked questions

Tri-hump Trails

At the top of the Tri-hump.

Tri-hump Observation Tower

Observation tower on the Tri-hump.

Three-hump observation tower

Tri-hump – observation tower.

Turn signal on the Tri-hump

Turn signal on the Tri-hump.

Trail to the Tri-Hump

Trail to the Tri-hump.

View from the tower

View from the tower.

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