Katshava Mountains

Basalt Mountain

Basalt Mountain – an observation tower, basalt blows and an extinct volcano from several million years ago.


  • the observation tower on Basalt Mountain is 10 m high, it was built in 1906. from local basalt
  • unfortunately it is overgrown with forest, which limits the view
  • a much nicer view towards the Lower Silesian Lowland can be found 200 m from the tower, on the edge of the quarry
  • along the way, pay attention to the regular basalt blows in the former quarry
  • the forest surrounding the building is a thermophilic oak, commonly found here: golden-headed lily, numerous species of orchids or laurel wolfhound
  • plan a walk in a loop, you will not have to go back the same way
  • for conquering the mountain you will receive a sticker for the Passport of the Discoverer of the Land of Extinct Volcanoes

Frequently asked questions

Parking Bazaltowa Góra

Parking nearby. By the road Lipa – Paszowice.

Basalt blows

On the way to the top of the hill, do not miss the basalt blows in the disused quarry.


Hornbeam vulgaris.

Observation tower on Basalt Mountain

Observation tower on Basalt Mountain.

Basalt Tower Mountain

Entrance to the tower on Basalt Mountain.

Basalt observation tower

Entrance to the tower.

Basalt Mountain

View from the tower.

Tower on Basalt

The tower is overgrown with ivy.

Common adhesion

Common adjective.

Lower Silesian Plain

View from the viewpoint on the edge of the quarry. 200 m from the tower.


Paszowice – view from Basalt Mountain.

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