Katshava Mountains

Wielisławka, Wielisław Organ

Wielisławka and the Wielisław Organ – a rare relic of Permian volcanism and a mountain that may hide the treasure of the Third Reich.


Organ Wielisławskie, Wielisławka – directions

  • coming from Złotoryja:
    in the village of Różana turn into the yard of the restored Wielisław Mill, drive through the mill, the gravel road will lead to the Wielisław Organ itself
  • coming from Świerzawa:
    in the village of Sędziszowa just after the closed railway crossing, turn sharply to the right, drive along a gravel road (boldly), which will lead to a camping point near Wielisławka

Wielisławka – sightseeing

  • powerful rhyolite organs, important on the map of geological curiosities Polish and Europe
  • around the summit leads an educational path for about 1 hour of walking
  • from the viewpoint under the top of the mountain a nice view towards the village of Sędziszowa, Kaczawa Valley and Kaczawskie Foothills
  • possibility of organizing a camping at the foot of the mountain
  • Wielisławka is one of the hypothetical places of hiding the legendary Gold of Wrocław – to this day an unfinished treasure taken by the Germans just before the closure of the encirclement around the Wrocław Fortress “Festung Breslau”
  • in Sędziszowa, at the foot of Wielisławka, a German police officer Herbert Klose lived until his death
  • the last organized attempts to search for the Gold of Wrocław were made by the authorities of the collapsing communist system in the 80s of the twentieth century.
  • we recommend reading Robert Kudelski about the lost treasure of Wrocław

Wielisławka (German: Willenberg) with a rhyolite pillar blow, i.e. the Wielisław Organ.

Wielisławka - Willenberg

Wielisław organ in Wielisławka mountain. This mountain is associated with many legends about treasures hidden by the retreating German troops.

Wielisławki Adits

Entrance to one of them – the most famous one visible from the provincial road.

Adit in Wielisławka

Wielisławka is riddled with a network of old adits.

Visiting Wielisławka

One more view of the hill.

Map Wielisławka

Access to Wielisławka from Złotoryja. The gravel road leads along the mill.

Ryolite pillar blow - Wielisław Organ

The most valuable fragment of the mountain for geologists – a rhyolite pillar blow called the Wielisław Organ. A remnant of volcanoes that erupted 250 million years ago.

Near Wielisławka

Camping place near Wielisławka.

Wielisław Organ

Wielisławka is the most beautiful in autumn.

Wielisław Organ

The Wielisław organ is a former quarry. Currently, the Wielisław organ is a monument of inanimate nature.

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