Katshava Mountains

Single tracks Ostrzyca, Pod Ostrzycą and Zielonki

Single tracks around Ostrzyca – the easiest routes, also recommended for families with children under the most famous extinct volcano.


  • all three routes are very close to each other, so you can easily drive them during one trip, starting in the same parking lot
  • length of routes:
    – single track “Ostrzyca” – 4.1 km
    – single track “Pod Ostrzycą” – 3.9 km
    – single track “Zielonki” – approx. 5.1 km
  • elevation:
    – single track “Ostrzyca” – 87 m up and 118 m down
    – single track “Pod Ostrzycą” – 70 m
    – single track “Zielonki” -74 m
  • “Pod Ostrzycą” and “Zielonki” are, next to the single tracks “Dwa Wąwozy” and “Pod Grzybkami”, the easiest of the Kaczawski single tracks – forest cycling routes
  • “Pod Ostrzycą” is actually an easy uphill trail to start riding both other singles.
  • “Zielonki” does not have any steep sections, it is suitable for beginners, ideal for children
  • “Ostrzyca” is a slightly more difficult route – with a steeper climb and several technical obstacles (drops, tables, rollers) – most of them you can easily bypass
  • driving along the “Ostrzyca” route you can go up to the stairs leading to the top of Ostrzyca – the entrance to the top is not possible by bike, it should be left at the benches at the beginning of the stairs (of course, we recommend attaching bicycles)
  • as a starting point you have a choice of two forest parking lots – one with trail maps, the other (located higher) has a picnic area, a covered shelter, toilets and a station for self-repair of the bike
  • GPX map of the “Ostrzyca” route – available from the level of cycling applications
  • GPX map of the “Pod Ostrzycą” route – available from the level of cycling applications
  • GPX map of the “Zielonka” route – available from the level of cycling applications
  • see more Kaczawskie Single Tracks
  • in the Villa Greta restaurant you will receive a free map of all Kaczawski single tracks
  • rent an electric bike: premium bike with full suspension from Krzysztof or touring bikes from Michał
Camping point under an extinct volcano

From Proboszczów to Ostrzyca leads a yellow hiking trail.

Kaczawskie single tracks Ostrzyca

Start of single tracks near Ostrzyca from the lower parking lot.

Camping point under an extinct volcano

A camping place prepared by the Forest District in Złotoryja. Wood for the bonfire around a lot of :).

Ostrzyca Proboszczowicka - a place for a bonfire

After the sausage tour on the fire!

Extinct volcanoes in Poland

Ostrzyca is an extinct volcano, or rather a chimney of a volcano (volcanic nek) from about 5 million years ago.

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