Katshava Mountains

Single tracks Pod Grzybkami and Dwa Wąwozy

“Two Gorges” and “Under the Mushrooms” – easy, picturesque, suitable for beginners.


  • “Pod Grzybkami” and “Dwa Wąwozy” are, next to the single track “Zielonki”, the easiest of the Kaczawski single tracks – forest cycling routes
  • are located very close to each other, so you can easily pass both of them during one trip
  • especially picturesque are the “Two Gorges”, which, as the name suggests, cross forest valleys – passage through charming wooden bridges (on the bridges attention after the rain, they can be slippery)
  • length of routes:
    – single track “Pod Grzybkami” – 4 km
    – single track “Two Gorges” – 6.3 km
    – two routes at once – approx. 10.3 km
  • elevation:
    – single track “Pod Grzybkami” – 63 m
    – single track “Two Gorges” – 135 m

Frequently asked questions

Single tracks in Poland

Parking at the beginning of the route in Rzeszówek.

Single track

Forest parking and camping place in Gozdno. From here it is closest to the “Pod Grzybkami” loop.

The best single tracks in Poland

The route leads along the valleys of two streams. It is picturesque and easy.

Single tracks Lower Silesia

The beginning of the “Two Gorges” is quite monotonous. But after a while of driveway, a beautiful panorama of the Kaczawskie Mountains opens behind your back.

Single tracks in the Kaczawskie Mountains

Entrance to the route “Pod Grzybkami”.

Kaczawskie single track

Kaczawskie single tracks. The route “Pod Grzybkami” has only 83 m of driveway.

Where to bike in Poska?

“Two gorges” lead alternately through a deciduous and coniferous forest.

Kaczawskie single tracks in Rzeszowek

Kaczawskie single tracks in Rzeszówek.

Where to bike in the vicinity of Wroclaw

Rollers on the route “Pod Grzybkami”.

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