Dobkow, Katshava Mountains

Where to sled? Villa Greta!

A sledding hill – just behind Greta, fun like in childhood.

Price list

    • for restaurant guests free of charge

    Opening hours / opening dates

      • whenever there is snow


      Frequently asked questions

      Where to sled?

      Where to sled?
      Villa Greta!

      sledge Krkonoše

      You do not have to go to the Giant Mountains for a sled :-).

      Sledge with children

      Our slope starts at a tree on a hill.

      Hill for sledding Lower Silesia

      When a lot of snow falls, we organize sleigh rides behind the horse Kajtek.

      Hill for sledding in the Kaczawskie Mountains

      The start is located at the apple tree on the hill.

      Soup for the winter

      In the restaurant you can order warming dishes from the winter menu.

      Winter playground

      Winter playground.

      With children in winter

      Tymek also took part in snowmaking the slope.

      Snow in Dobków

      View from the window in the cornflower room.

      Linden tea

      In the restaurant you can order linden tea with honey.

      Sledging near Wroclaw

      Maciek beats snow on a roller with a snowboard.

      Where to sled

      And finally, it’s time for a sled!

      What to do with children in winter

      What to do with children in winter?

      Where to sled? Villa Greta! – write how it was!

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