Lower Silesia, lowlands

Attractions of Wroclaw

Wroclaw – the capital of Lower Silesia. A beautiful open city with many attractions.


  • Wroclaw is a beautiful city. One of those with whom you can fall in love. Just like in Krakow, Lviv or Paris
  • it is sometimes called the “Venice of the North” – there are 101 bridges and 33 footbridges in the city
  • in the city center, be sure to take a walk around the Market Square and its surroundings, as well as Ostrów Tumski – the streets and buildings are very neat and full of life
  • in Wroclaw you will also find a lot of attractions for lovers of nature, history and art – museums, education centers, ZOO
  • the city can boast of its own UNESCO class monument – the Centennial Hall once called the People’s Hall’
  • great fun for children is searching for and photographing Wrocław dwarfs – there are reportedly over 380 of them

What to see in Wroclaw

ZOO in Wroclaw

ZOO in Wroclaw

ZOO in Wroclaw – the largest ZOO in Poland and the only Africanarium in Poland with a modern oceanarium!

time needed: 4 h
Route length: 2 km
Lower Silesia, lowlands
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Relaxation zone.

Hydropolis in Wroclaw

Hydropolis in Wrocław – an interactive centre of knowledge about water.

time needed: 2 h
Route length: 1 km
Lower Silesia, lowlands
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Panorama of Racławice in Wrocław

Panorama of Raclawice

Panorama of Racławice – a monumental work of Jan Styka and Wojciech Kossak. The panoramic image shows the Battle of Racławice.

time needed: 1.5 h
Route length: 0.5 km
Lower Silesia, lowlands
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Centennial Hall

Centennial Hall

Centennial Hall in Wrocław – a place of events, a multimedia exhibition and a recreational space in the center of Wrocław.

time needed: 1 h
Lower Silesia, lowlands
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Sky Tower viewpoint

Sky Tower viewpoint

The Sky-Tower viewpoint is located at an altitude of almost 200m. A mandatory visit.

time needed: 0.5 h
Exceedance: 200 m
Lower Silesia, lowlands
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Wroclaw sightseeing, attractions

Wroclaw City Hall.

Sky Tower, viewpoint

Sky Tower is the highest residential skyscraper in Poland (2016). At the top there is a viewpoint that you should see! Several times a year, the building is visible from the peaks of the Karkonosze Mountains.

Wroclaw city of bicycles

Wrocław is a city of bicycles (and vegetarians). It’s going to be tough for the next few years.

Bridge of lovers in Wroclaw

Bridge of lovers or Tumski Bridge in Wrocław. Every padlock is an oath.

Attractions of Wroclaw. Dwarf Trail in Wrocław

A great idea to stay in Wroclaw with children is a trip in search of dwarfs (there are now about 300 of them!). Look for dwarfs.

Dwarfs Wroclaw

Wroclaw ubiquitous dwarfs.

Attractions of Wroclaw. What to see in Wroclaw

Panorama of the city.

Interior of the Wrocław Cathedral

Interior of the Wrocław cathedral.

Wroclaw Cathedral

Cathedral in Wroclaw.

Wroclaw - city tour

The oldest part of the city Ostrów Tumski – a place where you can feel the centuries-old history of the city and the entire Lower Silesia.

Wroclaw sightseeing

The most famous tenement houses in the Wrocław Market Square – Hansel and Gretel.

Wroclaw Zoo

ZOO in Wroclaw. There are usually long queues to the zoo ticket office, I recommend buying tickets in vending machines or online.

Hydropolis in Wroclaw

Hydropolis in Wrocław – an interactive centre of knowledge about water.

Wroclaw Breslau

Fountain on the Wrocław Market Square.

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