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Panorama of Raclawice

Panorama of Racławice – a monumental work of Jan Styka and Wojciech Kossak. The panoramic image shows the Battle of Racławice.

Price list

  • normal ticket
    50 11.7person
  • reduced ticket
    35 8.2person
  • family entrance (parents + children)
    35 8.2person
  • with a ticket to the Racławice Panorama you can visit the National Museum in Wrocław, the Ethnographic Museum and the Four Domes Pavilion free of charge
  • tickets can be purchased at the ticket office or online

Opening hours / opening dates

  • Every day


  • Panorama of Racławice is one of the most important monuments of Wrocław
  • The painting Battle of Racławice was created at the end of the nineteenth century. and until 1944. exhibited former in Lviv. After the war, it was not until 1985. the construction of the current rotunda in Wrocław has been completed. The reason for such a long “hiding” of the picture was the fear of the USSR authorities to present the battle in which the Poles defeated the Russians :-)
  • in a specially built, oval building there is one huge painting – the work of Jan Styka and Wojciech Kossak from the years 1893 – 1894 commemorating 100. anniversary of the Kościuszko Insurrection
  • the tour is carried out with the help of audio guides
  • in an additional room (Mała Rotunda) there is a multimedia presentation presenting historical aspects of the Battle of Racławice
  • visiting the Racławice Panorama can take place in the following languages: Polish, English, German, French, Russian, Czech, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Dutch, Danish, Croatian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Esperanto, PJM (Polish Sign Language), audio description
  • the museum is accessible for people with disabilities

Frequently asked questions

Panorama of Raclawice

Panorama of Racławicka in Wrocław. Monumental, panoramic painting depicting the Battle of Racławice.

Souvenir shop

Souvenir shop from Wroclaw.

Bookstore in Panorama Racławicka

Bookstore in Panorama Racławicka.

Souvenir shop

In the small rotunda there are a number of interactive installations.

Tadeusz Kosciuszko

Tadeusz Kosciuszko.

Battle of Racławice

Battle of Racławice.

Panorama of Racławice in Wrocław

Panorama of Racławicka in Wrocław.

Visiting the Racławice Panorama

Visiting the Racławice Panorama.

Rotunda in Wroclaw

The painting Battle of Racławice was created at the end of the nineteenth century.

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