Rudawy Mountains

Miedzianka Brewery

Miedzianka Brewery – beer with history in the background.

Opening hours / opening dates

  • Monday - Friday
  • Saturday - Sunday


Frequently asked questions

Miedzianka Brewery

Modern Craft Brewery, with history in the background. Outside the sokolika window.

Attractions Miedzianka and Mniszków

Educational path Miedzianka – Mniszków. Worth seeing.

Old brewery in Miedzianka

On the other side of the road stands a pre-war well-known brewery, it was in this brewery that the owner of the Spiż brewery from the Market Square in Wrocław learned his trade.

Mini brewery Miedzianka

The brewery is a modernist building, but clearly referring to the Sudeten architecture.

Miedzianka - penitential cross

In front of the brewery, it is worth seeing the old penitential cross with the inscription MEMENTO.

Miedzianka Brewery – write how it was!

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