Middle Sudetes

Palm House in Wałbrzych

Palm House in Wałbrzych – a substitute for the jungle in the middle of the Sudetenland.

Price list

  • normal ticket
    19 4.5person
  • reduced ticket
    15 3.5person
  • the prices given refer to visiting the palm house itself
  • you can also combine a tour of the Palm House with Książ Castle on one ticket

Opening hours / opening dates

  • April - September
  • Monday - Friday
  • Saturday - Sunday


  • the palm house was established in the years 1908-1911 on the initiative of Prince Jan Henry of Hochberg for his wife, the famous Princess Daisy, who was a lover of beautiful flowers
  • currently, more than 250 species of plants grow in the palm house
  • the Palm House is a 25-minute walk from Książ Castle
  • all tickets purchased for visiting książ Castle are entitled to enter the palm house, at the ticket office of the palm house you can also buy a ticket to visit the palm house itself
  • the tour takes place individually, without a guide
  • there is also a café and a plant shop on site
  • for lovers of plants and gardens, we also recommend the Siruwia Japanese Garden in the Giant Mountains

Frequently asked questions

Wałbrzych Palm House

Palm House in Wałbrzych – a small jungle.

Palm House in Wałbrzych contact

Tunnel of citrus plants.

Palm House to visit in Poland

Angle of plants from Australia. Eucalyptus.

Attractions for toddlers

An attraction for toddlers are animals: turtles, fish and birds.

Cacti in Wałbrzych

Space dedicated to cacti.

Palm House ticket prices

Entrance to the Palm House.

Palm House Lubiechów

In front of the palm house there is a well-kept park.

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