Giant Mountains

Liczyrzepa Uranium Mine

Liczyrzepa uranium mine (not to be confused with the Podgórze Mine).

Price list

  • Normal ticket
    35 8.2person
  • Reduced ticket
    29 6.8person
  • Children up to 6 years
    1 0.3person
  • Family 2+2
    116 27family
  • Family 2+3
    130 30.3family

Opening hours / opening dates

  • All year round
  • Every day
  • entrance with a guide takes place at every full hour


  • the length of the route is 1200 m, without elevation
  • NECESSARY WARM CLOTHING (temp. 8 °C, humidity 98 %)
  • the mine is open to the public for people with disabilities and families with strollers
  • the route has a safety certificate, which allows the possibility of sightseeing by children and pregnant women
  • ticket office and parking is located approx. 500 m, or 15 minutes walk from the entrance to the mine
  • included in the price of tickets: staging of an explosion in a mining ancestor, laser spectacle
  • The Liczyrzepa Mine is located a few hundred meters from the Podgórze Mine, whose parking lot is located directly at the entrance to the adit
  • you can combine a tour of the adit and the Park of Miniature Monuments of Lower Silesia
  • other underground attractions of Lower Silesia

Frequently asked questions

Liczyrzepa Mine

Liczyrzepa Mine in Kowary.

Little Boy atomic bomb replica

A replica of Little Boy – a bomb that the Americans dropped on the Japanese Hiroshima.


In the mine.

Liczyrzepa Mine in Kowary

The walk from the parking lot to the Liczyrzepa Mine takes about 15 minutes. Parking is paid. REMARK!! If someone is going to the Podgórze Adit (free parking) you should turn right according to the signs. Employees of the parking lot dishonestly inform about the loss of entry to the upper parking lot.

Liczyrzepa uranium mine in Kowary

The entrance to the Liczyrzepa mine is located directly at the Jelenia Struga Hotel.

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