Katshava Mountains

Single tracks Okole and Okole Zjazd

“Okole” – quite difficult, but the most picturesque single track in the Land of Extinct Volcanoes.


  • “Okole” is quite a long and difficult route compared to the other Kaczawskie Single Tracks, but one of the most beautiful in Lower Silesia
  • most of the route runs through the old forest
  • consists of the main single “Okole” and the connector “Okole Zjazd”, which allows you to drive the picturesque uphill route again
  • length of routes:
    – single track “Okole” – 10 km
    – single track “Okole Zjazd” – 1.3 km
    – two routes at once – approx. 15.8 km
  • elevation:
    – single track “Okole” – 267 m
    – single track “Okole Zjazd” – 74 m
  • is a route for at least intermediate cyclists – it consists of many technical turns on the driveway, steep descents, profiled bands, and in places protruding stones appear. For beginners and families with children, we recommend single tracks in Rzeszówek and single tracks around Ostrzyca
  • an additional attraction is the viewing platform at the top of Okola, next to it a good picnic area with a roof and benches, be careful the viewpoint is not directly on the route
  • I recommend the descent around sunset (sunrise), it is like in a fairy tale
  • GPX map of the “Okole” route – available from the level of cycling applications
  • GPX map of the “Okole Zjazd” route – available from the level of cycling applications
  • see more Kaczawskie Single Tracks
  • in the Villa Greta restaurant you will receive a free map of all Kaczawski single tracks
  • rent an electric bike: premium bike with full suspension from Krzysztof or touring bikes from Michał
Around the cycling route

Most of the route runs through a spruce forest.

Singles on Okol

The routes are well marked.

Single tracks in Poland

There are several dozen contoured corners on the route.

Single tracks on Okol

The route was classified by specialists as “intermediate”.

Access to the viewpoint on Okol

A place from which you should turn into the blue trail to reach the observation deck at the top of Okola (approx. 200 m).

Viewpoint on Okol

Access to the observation deck, the last 50 m.

Parking single track Okole

The car park is located directly on the lubiechowa – Chrośnica county road.

Okole Viewpoint

At the top of Okola there is a great viewpoint.

The most interesting single tracks

The path leads mostly through the old forest. Sometimes spruce, sometimes beech. On the route is magical.

Single track Okole

Single tracks Okole and Okole Zjazd.

View from Okola

Observation deck at the top of Okola. The green meadow is Łysa Góra, and on the horizon the Karkonosze Mountains with Śnieżka.

Bicycle path on Okol

The route is well maintained.

Pillow lava on Okol

On the way we pass the remains of lava that poured out at the bottom of the ancient ocean – pillow lavas.

Okole - Kaczawskie single tracks

On the route there are several places with beautiful views.

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