Rudawy Mountains

Ski station Czarnów-Ski

Czarnów-Ski ski slope – a small family ski slope in Rudawy Janowickie. Great for learning to ski!

Price list

  • 2 hours
  • normal
    65 15.2person
  • Reduced
    55 12.8person
  • family 2+1
    175 40.7family
  • family 2+2
    230 53.5family
  • family 2+3
    280 65.2family
  • 4 hours
  • normal
    90 21person
  • Reduced
    80 18.7person
  • family 2+1
    250 58.2family
  • family 2+2
    325 75.6family
  • family 2+3
    400 93.1family
  • Wiktorek Extract
  • 1 hour
    20 4.7person
  • 2 hours
    30 7person
  • 4 hours
    40 9.4person

Opening hours / opening dates

  • Every day
  • daytime riding
  • night riding


  • the slope is located in Rudawy Janowickie, near Kamienna Góra
  • cars with four-wheel drive have no problem with getting through the Rędzińska Pass, cars with good winter tires also. Some cars should have tire chains just in case or choose a route through Kamienna Góra
  • there are 2 ski lifts plus one small one for the youngest children
  • you can go down 3 downhill slopes, for small children there is a donkey link. The length of the routes is successively 1000 m, 700 m, 60 m
  • the variety of slopes ensures fun for both seasoned and novice skiers
  • the slopes in Czarnów are snowed and illuminated, which allows night skiing
  • on site there are: parking, bar, ski equipment rental, ski service and ski instructors
  • the slope is not conducive to sledding
  • for sledding we recommend the slope of Łysa Góra in the Kaczawskie Mountains, and for sledding with small children a hill at the Villa Greta restaurant
Ski station Czarnów

Ski station Czarnów – map of slopes.

Czarnów Skis

Czarnów is a small village in Rudawy Janowickie. It is there that there is probably the most intimate and family ski station in the Sudety Mountains.

Skiing Czarnów

The slope is equipped with full infrastructure, cannons, snow groomer, rental, parking, and ski school.

Czarnów-Ski Superstation

Czarnów-Ski Superstacja is an ideal place for families with children and beginners.

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