Giant Mountains, Jelenia Gora Valley

Podgórze Mine in Kowary

Podgórze Mine in Kowary – an underground tourist route.

Price list

  • Normal ticket
    35 8.2person
  • Reduced ticket
    28 6.6person
  • Family 2+2
    108 25.2family
  • Family 2+3
    130 30.3family
  • Extreme route
    160 37.3person
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Normal ticket
    45 10.5person
  • Reduced ticket
    40 9.4person
  • a reduced ticket is granted to pensioners, pupils and students up to 26 years of age upon presentation of an ID card

Opening hours / opening dates

  • July - August
  • Every day
  • May-June
  • Every day
  • entrance to the mine every hour (10:30, 11:30, etc.), always with a guide


  • is an underground tourist route with a length of 1600 m
  • in the mine there is a rich collection of uranium glass, an unusual attraction is to see it shine under UV light (the guide will have a special flashlight)
  • the route is completely safe for radioactive radiation
  • in the interior you can see one of the deeper wells for underground diving in Poland, in the mine the record of Polish deep-sea diving of approx. 160 m
  • remember about clothes, after entering the mine from the heat, the aura in the mine seems perfect, but 10 minutes you will feel a nagging cold (8 ° C, humidity 97%)
  • access to the parking lot of the Podgórze Mine is carried out by shuttle traffic and is directed by walkie-talkies
  • The Podgórze Mine is located a few hundred meters from the Liczyrzepa Mine
  • REMARK! At the previously located parking lot of the Liczyrzepa Mine , you should not listen to the staff who unfairly inform about the ban on entering the parking lot of the Podgórze Mine, you should drive in accordance with the indications of the signs
  • it is worth combining a visit to the adit with the Miniature Park of Lower Silesia
  • other underground attractions of Lower Silesia
Podgórze Mine in Kowary

Free parking located at the entrance to the Podgórze mine.



Parking Kowary Podgórze Mine

Parking in front of the Podgórze Mine.

Uranium glass

Uranium glass exhibition.

Access to the Podgórze mine

In front of the entrance to the Podgórze mine.

Kowary uranium mine - what to see in the Jelenia Góra Valley

In the mine there is an exhibition of Sudeten minerals.

Sunken adit

Sunken adit, the deepest in Poland. It is a training ground for cave divers.

Visiting the mine in Kowary

Visiting the Podgórze mine takes about 1 hour. It should be remembered that inside the earth there is a constant temp. 8 degrees C.

Mine in Kowary in the Giant Mountains

Extraordinary impressions from visiting the underground route located in a former uranium mine.

Minerals in the Podgórze Mine

Minerals in the Podgórze Mine.

Radon chamber

Remains of a radon chamber where elevated radiation was used in medicine.

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