Katshava Mountains, Lower Silesia, lowlands

Ceramics Bolesławiec

Bolesławiec ceramics – a brand known all over the world.

Opening hours / opening dates

  • Monday - Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday


  • ceramics from Bolesławiec is a world-famous brand
  • Zakłady Ceramiczne “BOLESŁAWIEC” is one of the largest producers of table ceramics
    hand-formed and hand-decorated with a unique stamp technique in the world
  • from May to September, ceramic plants can be visited in groups of 5 to 15 people
  • at the plant there is a large company store and a stand with articles on sale
  • online shop with Bolesławiec ceramics
  • check when this year the Ceramics Festival will take place
  • more attractions related to the ceramics of Lower Silesia
Ceramics Bolesławiec

Ceramics from Bolesławiec are painted using the stamp technique.

Clay Festival Bolesławiec

Bolesławiec – in the summer, the largest several-day holiday related to ceramics takes place here: the Clay Festival.

Ceramics from Bolesławiec

Espresso in Villa Greta in a cup of Bolesławiec ceramics. All tableware in the Villa Greta restaurant comes from Bolesławiec.

Shop with Bolesławiec ceramics

In the store there are almost always guests from different parts of the world.

Baubles, ceramic

In the store you will also find ceramic baubles and Easter eggs.

Shop opening hours


Company shop with ceramics from Bolesławiec

The products are arranged logically with design series. Missing products can be ordered.

Ceramics shop from Bolesławiec

The plants offer several design series.

Ceramics from Bolesławiec shop

One of the oldest designs.

Ceramics shop from Bolesławiec

Ceramics shop from Bolesławiec.

Bazaar with ceramics from Bolesławiec

In front of the store there is a bazaar with the ends of the series.

Ceramics from Polish

Company shop, factory shop, Fabrikladen.

Ceramics Bolesławiec shop

Shop company view from the side of the provincial road.

Company shop

Company shop of the oldest ceramic plant in Bolesławiec.

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