Dobkow, Katshava Mountains

Gallery under the Angel

Galeria pod Aniołem – ceramics from Dobków and family workshops.

Opening hours / opening dates

  • All year round
  • the gallery is always open when ceramics are at home
  • remember that sometimes they have to go shopping or on vacation, please bear with us


Frequently asked questions

Ceramics Shop

Angel musician. In the Gallery under the Angel, the main characters are ceramic angels.

Ceramic butter dish

Ceramic cow butter dish.

Gallery Under the Angel

Karolina with ceramics of Galeria Pod Aniołem.

Ceramic leaf

Leaf-shaped patera. Dobkov ceramics very often use live plants to give form to products.

Ceramic butter dish

Utility handicrafts. Ceramic butter bowl black fudge.

Hand ceramics

Clay pot.

Ceramic angels

Ceramic angels. They seem the same, but everyone is different. The fingers of ceramicists are handicrafts.

Ceramic jewelry

Ceramic pendants on straps.

Angels from Dobków

In Galeria pod Aniołem you will find a large selection of ceramic jewelry.

Angels from Dobków

In the yard of Bogusia and Agata Rudnicki there are a lot of angels, angels and other objects fired in a ceramic furnace.

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