Dobkow, Katshava Mountains

Artistic Ceramics by Eli Telatyńska

Studio and gallery of Eli Telatyńska Art-El in Dobków.

Opening hours / opening dates

  • All year round
  • the gallery is always open when ceramics are at home
  • remember that sometimes they have to go shopping or on vacation, please bear with us


  • Ela is a visual artist, she runs a studio at home, as well as a gallery and a shop
  • in her gallery you will find functional and artistic ceramics
  • especially noteworthy are the decorations with floral motifs, as well as inspirations from elements of local architecture and nature.
  • Ela is usually in the studio, it is worth looking into her kingdom, if she was not at home, ask someone from the household to allow you to visit the gallery
  • in the same ambulatory there is an apiary “On Raspberry Hill”. At Andrew’s you will buy honey, mead and raspberry wine
  • see other ceramic galleries in the Land of Extinct Volcanoes
  • Ela does not run workshops, you can do it yourself in the Gallery under the Angel in Dobków

Frequently asked questions

Ceramics Shop

Ceramics in Dobków make both functional and decorative objects.

Ceramic Gallery Art-El

Utility ceramics.

Ela Teletyńska

Ela Teletyńska – ceramicist from Dobków in her studio.

Ceramic cups

Original ceramic cups. Everyone else. Ceramics from Dobków is a great gift idea.

Ceramics from Dobków

Once again, dobkowski angels.

Ceramics shop

Each of the Dobek ceramicists has its own style and techniques of work. Sometimes very original.

Ceramics Dobków

Twin angels :-). Ceramics from Dobków already has its own brand.

Artistic ceramics

Artistic Ceramics from Dobków. Made by hand.

Ceramic souvenirs

In small galleries – ceramic stores you can buy Easter eggs from ceramics before Easter and ceramic Christmas decorations before Christmas.

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