Giant Mountains

Attractions of Karpacz

Attractions of Karpacz – a city located at the foot of Śnieżka.

  • Karpacz is a town-resort located at the foot of the highest peak of the entire Sudetenland – Śnieżka
  • it is one of the most crowded places in Poland, so regardless of the season, get ready for crowds, traffic jams and queues
  • Karpacz is a starting point for the mountains, from here you can both enter and take the lift to the ridge of the Karkonosze Mountains
  • in winter there are ski stations here
  • you will also find a lot of entertainment attractions, such as amusement parks and museums

Tourist attractions of Karpacz

Krkonoše Mysteries

Krkonoše Mysteries

Karkonosze Mysteries in Karpacz – an interactive story about the legends, customs and secrets of the inhabitants of the Karkonosze Mountains.

time needed: 1 h
Route length: 0.5 km
Giant Mountains
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