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Wang Church in Karpacz

Wang Church – a wooden Protestant temple built without the use of nails.

Price list

  • Adults
    12 2.8person
  • Children from 6 years, students
    7 1.7person
  • Fee for photos
    5 1.2person
  • Access to the square
    2 0.5person

Opening hours / opening dates

  • April 15 - October 31
  • November 1 - April 14
  • on Sundays and holidays at 10:00 a.m. a service is held, visiting the church is possible after an hour. 11:30
  • on Saturdays it is possible to exclude part of the church from sightseeing due to weddings


  • Wang Church is a temple of the Lutheran denomination built at the turn of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries in the town of Vang in Norway
  • in 1841. King William IV of Prussia bought the church and transported it in crates to Berlin
  • in 1842. thanks to Countess Frederica von Reden from Bukowiec, the temples were recreated in Karpacz
  • the unique history of Wang Church
  • due to its uniqueness in Europe, the parish made the object available for sightseeing
  • appropriate clothing is required in the temple
  • for groups of at least 10 people it is possible to reconstruct the history of the church on an audio recording in the following languages: Polish, Czech, German, French, Dutch and Russian. It takes 12 minutes to listen to the recording
  • in Karpacz there is a big parking mess, there are different prices in different parking lots (most are private), it is better to ask about parking prices
  • see other attractions of Karpacz

Frequently asked questions

Wang Church

Wang Church – view of the historic organ. Concerts are often held in the temple.

Ryszard Zając - The Resurrection of Lazarus

Sculpture depicting the resurrection of Lazarus, made by Ryszard Zając.

Norway Vang

This is what the village of Vang in Norway looks like today, from which in the nineteenth century. a church was brought to Karpacz.

Visiting Wang Temple

The temple is surrounded by a cloister, which served as insulation from the cold, was a place of penance. Weapons and nets were also left there.

Visiting Wang Church

Works of art are carved in the twelfth century. in the Byzantine style, the upper parts of the columns, the so-called. capitals, decorated with animal figures, plants and mascarons.

Wang Architecture

The inner doorposts through which you enter the church are decorated with a tangle of snakes and plants.

Wang Architecture

Altar in Wang Church.

Wang Church

A brief history of the church.


A beautiful monument of sacred wooden architecture.

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