Giant Mountains

Parrot Śnieżka in Karpacz

Parrot house in Karpacz – a bit of exoticism in the Karkonosze Mountains.

Price list

  • normal ticket
    32 7.5person
  • reduced ticket
    28 6.6person
  • children up to 3 years of age
    free of charge / included
  • karma
    4 1helping

Opening hours / opening dates

  • all year round
  • Monday - Sunday


  • in the Śnieżka parrot shop you will establish direct contact with exotic parrots
  • parrots live slowly in the flight hall, not in cages
  • there is always a bird keeper nearby who will be happy to answer your questions
  • remember the rule “small children, feed small parrots”
  • before entering, bury jewelry, mask buttons, parrots are curious as magpies
  • it is also necessary to tie the hair
  • it is worth reading a list of questions and answers before visiting the parrot, in the parrot room basic knowledge about parrots will be useful
  • remember that parrots ? are not domesticated animals, but only tame ones
  • see other attractions of Karpacz

Frequently asked questions

Parrot house in the Giant Mountains

Parrot house in the Giant Mountains.

Parrot house in Karpacz

In the parrot house you will establish direct contact with birds.


For a small fee, you will acquire feed for feeding parrots.

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