Giant Mountains

Karpacz Ski Arena

Karpacz Ski Arena – lift to Kopa and the largest ski station in Karpacz

Price list

  • Lift to Kopa (entrance and exit)
  • normal
    70 16.3person
  • Reduced
    50 11.7person
  • family (2+2)
    220 51.2person
  • family (2+3)
    265 61.7person
  • family (2+4)
    310 72.1person
  • Seniors
    65 15.2person
  • children up to 2 years
    free of charge / included
  • Ski passes
  • Monday - Thursday
  • all-day normal
    110 25.6person
  • all-day reduced
    100 23.3person
  • Friday – Sunday
  • all-day normal
    120 28person
  • all-day reduced
    110 25.6person
  • Multi-day passes
  • 2 day normal
    220 51.2person
  • 2 day reduced
    180 41.9person
  • 3 day normal
    310 72.1person
  • 3 day reduced
    260 60.5person
  • full price list with variation for low and high season here
  • purchase of a senior ticket is available to people from 60 years of age
  • purchase of a reduced ticket is granted to school children up to 18 years of age upon presentation of a valid school ID
  • the price of tickets and passes includes the entrance fee to the Krkonoše National Park

Opening hours / opening dates

  • Every day


  • Karpacz Ski Arena is a ski resort with 9 km of ski slopes of various levels of difficulty
  • there are 9 ski lifts in the complex:
    + 4-person chair to Kopa (open all year round), from which you can walk to Śnieżka – the highest peak of the Karkonosze Mountains
    + 2-seater chair
    + 2 poma lifts called in ski slang as extractors
    + 2 t-bars
    + 3 tapes for toddlers
  • get to know other attractions of Karpacz
  • other winter attractions

Frequently asked questions

Karpacz Ski Arena

Karpacz Ski Arena – route map.

Karpacz Railway

View of the Giant Mountains and the Jelenia Góra Valley.

Ski trails Karpacz

In the ski resort at your disposal there are 9 kilometers of easy and difficult slopes.

Lift to Kopa in Karpacz

The lift is more than 2 kilometers long.

Skiing in the Giant Mountains

The ski slopes are located in the Krkonoše National Park.

Skiing in Karpacz

Ski slopes in the Giant Mountains.

Lift to Kopa

The entrance to Kopa takes about 10 minutes.

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