Katshava Mountains

Gallows in Wojcieszów

Gallows in Wojcieszów – the best preserved gallows in Lower Silesia.


  • gallows is a mysterious monument of the old law, hidden in a dense forest on the slopes of the Trzciniec mountain
  • in Wojcieszów there was a well-known school of executioners in the Middle Ages
  • the building probably comes from the seventeenth century, then several executions were carried out on it
  • to the gallows leads the nature and educational path “Gruszka”, starting in the center of Wojcieszów (near the City Hall)
  • next to the gallows runs the single track cycling route Dłużek
  • nearby is the Dłużek observation tower, 2 km from the gallows, 50 minutes walk, with a beautiful panorama of the Giant Mountains and the Kaczawskie Mountains
Gallows in Wojcieszów

The gallows is located in the middle of the forest, surrounded by forest.

Gallows Wojcieszów

The height of the gallows reaches eight meters.

Ruins of the gallows in Wojcieszów

The exact date of erection of the gallows is not known, it is estimated at the seventeenth century.

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