Katshava Mountains

Dłużek – observation tower

Dłużek – a wooden observation tower in the Land of Extinct Volcanoes and the track single “Dłużek”.


  • on the Dłużek hill (592 m above sea level) there is a wooden observation tower, from the top of which you will admire a panoramic view of the Kaczawskie Foothills, the Kaczawskie Mountains and the Karkonosze Mountains
  • you can reach the tower along the green tourist trail, use the route in google maps
  • you can enter Dłużek on foot, by bike or on horseback
  • at the top there are benches, boards with the marking of the surrounding peaks, there is also a place for a bonfire
  • next to the hill runs the single track cycling route Dłużek
  • 2 km from the tower you will find the ruins of the gallows hidden in the forest

Frequently asked questions

Observation tower Kaczawskie Mountains

Observation tower in the Kaczawskie Mountains.

Dłużek Kaczawaskie Mountains

A wooden tower stands on top of Mount Dłużek.

Dłużek - landscape in winter

Early winter landscape captured from the top floor of the tower.

View of the Giant Mountains

In clear weather, even the Krkonoše peaks are visible.

Panorama from Dłużek

Panorama from Dłużek, in the direction of Ostrzyca and the Kaczawskie Foothills.


Dobków from the observation tower on Dłużek.

Land of Extinct Volcanoes, Poland

Land of Extinct Volcanoes, Poland.

At the top of Dłużka

At the top of Dłużka.

Views in the Kaczawskie Mountains

Views in the Kaczawskie Mountains.


Tasty blackberries in the area of Dłużek.


The construction of the Dłużek tower.

Observation tower on Dłużek

Observation tower on Dłużek, between Dobkow and Wojcieszów.

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