Dobkow, Katshava Mountains

Walking from Dobkowa – 5.5 km, 7.5 km, 11 km

Walk around Dobków – route among meadows and forests, 5.5 km, 7.5 km, 11 km


Walking distance – 7.5 km


  • in addition to the basic route of 7.5 km, you can choose variants with shortcuts of 5.5 km, a variant with access to the Dłużek observation tower 10.5 km or the longest variant 11 km
  • time needed: 1,5 h – 3 h
  • elevation gain: 200 m (basic route), 300 m with ascent to Dłużek
  • Surface:
    45 % double-track forest road
    40 % gravel road
    15 % asphalt road
  • by the village 5%, among meadows and fields 45%, among forests 45%
  • trolley: we do not recommend

Route description

Frequently asked questions

Along the way you'll see

Observation tower on Dłużek

Dłużek – observation tower

Dłużek – a wooden observation tower in the Land of Extinct Volcanoes and the track single “Dłużek”.

time needed: 3 h
Route length: 8 km
Exceedance: 244 m
Katshava Mountains
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Kaczawskie Mountains.

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Along the way there are blackberries, raspberries, mushrooms, herbs and nuts.

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Flowering linden

Blooming linden.

Chapel in Dobków

Signpost in the direction of the Chapel Mountain.

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