Katshava Mountains


Ostrzyca – an extinct volcano, an icon of the Land of Extinct Volcanoes.


  • from the parking lot to the top leads a yellow trail
  • it is possible to go up from the village of Bełczyna, from this side you will reach the green trail, but there is no convenient place for parking
  • the time needed to climb to the top is about 30 minutes
  • before or after the trip you can plan a camping trip with a bonfire – in the forest parking lot there is a place for a bonfire with a barbecue, benches and a roof
  • several hundred basalt stairs lead to the very top, which are an attraction for toddlers
  • from the top you will see a great view within a radius of 270°
  • on the way to the top, pay attention to the unique in the scale of Polish basalt gołoborza and linden forest
  • a trained eye will see at the foot of the mountain the remains of trenches from World War II
  • in spring and summer you will often meet rare butterflies – the queen’s pazie, but they can also tease buzzing large flies :-)
  • after the rain, be careful when descending – the stairs can be slippery!
  • three forest single-track bike paths have been built at Ostrzyca: Ostrzyca, Pod Ostrzycą and Zielonki – ideal for families with children
  • for visiting the summit you will receive a sticker for the Explorer’s Passport

Frequently asked questions

Extinct volcanoes in Poland

Ostrzyca is an extinct volcano, or rather a chimney of a volcano (volcanic nek) from about 5 million years ago.

Land of Extinct Volcanoes

Tower of the church of St. Idziego in Dobków and the panorama of the Kaczawski Foothills. In the background dominates Ostrzyca 501 m above sea level.

Visiting volcanoes in Poland

The foot of Ostrzyca can be reached by a gravel road along a beautiful linden avenue…

Camping point under an extinct volcano

From Proboszczów to Ostrzyca leads a yellow hiking trail.

Camping point under an extinct volcano

A camping place prepared by the Forest District in Złotoryja. Wood for the bonfire around a lot of :).

Ostrzyca Proboszczowicka - a place for a bonfire

After the sausage tour on the fire!

Entrance to an extinct volcano

Ostrzyca is an easy mountain “to climb” also prepared for seniors and families with small children.

Entrance to an extinct volcano

Several hundred basalt stairs lead to the top.

Are there volcanoes in Poland?

The top of an extinct volcano.

View from Ostrzyca

View from Ostrzyca.

Volcano Lower Silesia

Ostrzyca or Silesian Fujiyama.

Attractions of the Katshava Mountains

Reward for climbing – a beautiful panorama. In the photo in the direction of the villages: Proboszczów, Sokołowiec, Sędziszów and Świerzawa.

Oct queen in Ostrzyca

At the top of Ostrzyca, very frequent guests are rare butterflies – the queen’s pazie.

Basalt gołoborza

Basalt gołoborza is a very rare sight in Poland.

Parish priests

On the way back. View of the Parish Priests.

Volcanoes in Poland

Does anyone still have doubts that there were once volcanoes in Poland?

View from Dobków to Ostrzyca. The Sun stands over Wielisławka – equally interesting, also a volcano, but older than Ostrzyca by about 250 million years.

Volcanoes Poland

Ostrzyca Proboszczowicka is the name of the reserve. The hill is called Ostrzyca.

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