Dobkow, Katshava Mountains

Walking in Dobków – 4.5 km

Walk / cross-country trail around Dobków 4.5 km.


Walking distance – 4.5 km


  • Surface
    80 % gravel road
    20 % asphalt road
  • by the village 50%, among the fields 50%
  • trolley: yes, only with large, inflatable wheels

Route description

You start the walk in Villa Greta or in the parking lot under the Sudecka Educational Homestead.

After one kilometer you will reach the viewpoint “Three Periods of Volcanism“. From the board you will learn why the Kaczawskie Mountains and Foothills are called the Land of Extinct Volcanoes and what the surrounding hills are called. The walk from this place leads along a picturesque gravel road with a view of the Land of Extinct Volcanoes with a showcase of the Ostrzyca region and the highest peak of the Kaczawskie Mountains – Okolem.

After descending into the valley, it is worth looking at the map on your phone, thanks to which you will not have to walk along the county road and by the way you will pass by the historic statue of St. John. John of Nepomuk. On the way, you can visit Karolina and her stable, as well as the gallery and ceramic workshop of Eli Teletyńska.
Walking along the village, it is also worth taking a look at the architecture. In Dobków, the spatial layout of the Sudeten village has been preserved almost in its original state. Look at the beauty, not the buildings to be renovated :-)

See also the walking route 7.5 km.

Frequently asked questions

Along the way you'll see

Walk Lower Silesia

The walk leads halfway through the Sudeten village of Dobków.

Walk in the Kaczawskie Mountains

The views are often breathtaking.

Walk in Lower Silesia

Sometimes at the viewpoint you can get from the nature of the bonus.

Walk around Dobków

Walk around Dobków.

Statue of St. Nepomuk

Figure of St. Nepomuk.

Cross-country trails Lower Silesia

The route, which I describe as a walking route, is also excellent for runners.

Dobków walk

The route only for a distance of 1 km runs along a low-traffic county road.

Where to walk with children

Where to go for a walk with children in Lower Silesia? We suggest.


2 times we cross the bridge over Bukownica.

Where to go for a walk

At the viewpoint there is a board with very useful information in three languages and a bench.

Walk with children

The route is good for a walk with children. Few elevations, little car traffic, beautiful views.

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