Dobkow, Katshava Mountains

Viewpoint “Three Periods of Volcanism”

Viewpoint “Three periods of volcanism” – did volcanoes erupt in Poland?


  • The Kaczawskie Mountains and Foothills are the only place in Poland where you can observe the remains of all three periods of volcanic activity that took place within the boundaries of the current Polish
  • at the viewpoint in Dobków you will learn more about three periods of volcanism, you will also see a panorama of the eastern part of the Kaczawskie Mountains and the Kaczawskie Foothills
  • the viewpoint is a perfect place for a walk, also for families with small children and babies in strollers (preferably on inflatable wheels)
  • you will learn more about volcanoes in the modern Sudeten Land Science Center Educational Homestead, located nearby
  • a trip to the viewpoint can be combined into a 4-kilometer walk
  • point is part of the field game “Secrets of Dobkov”

Frequently asked questions

Volcanoes in Poland

At the viewpoint there is a plaque that in an accessible way tells about the volcanoes of the Land of Extinct Volcanoes.

Viewpoint in Dobków

From the viewpoint you can also see the village of Dobków and Villa Greta (straight ahead) against the background of the Kaczawskie Mountains.

Paleozoic volcanoes in Poland

You can also see Okole – built of volcanic rocks from the first (underwater) period of volcanism from 500 million years ago.

Are there volcanoes in Poland?

On the other side of the horizon, the Eastern Range of the Kaczawskie Mountains – the oldest volcanoes with an age of approx. 500 million years.

Paleozoic volcanoes in Poland

From the viewpoint there is a panorama of the volcanoes of three geological periods. The photo shows young Ostrzyca (age about 10 million years) and Sokołowskie Hills (to the left of Ostrzyca, a volcano that smoked about 250 million years ago)…

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