Trail of chapels in Dobków

Chapel Trail – a walk through the monuments of small sacred architecture in Dobków.


Trail of chapels in Dobków

The beginning of the Chapel Trail in Dobków. At the lower stop and at the exit from Dobków to Lipa there are boards with a map of Dobków and the Chapel Trail.

Marking the trail of chapels

The trail of chapels is marked with green arrows.

Religious buildings in Lower Silesia

Sacred buildings perfectly intertwine with the agricultural reality of the village.

Roadside cross

The aforementioned cross in the lower Dobków, at which there is a plaque.

Iron Cross in Dobków

A modest iron cross. Unfortunately, it was not possible to decipher the name of the founder on the sandstone on which the cross is mounted.

Folk chapels

In addition to chapels and crosses, there are several statues of saints.

Chapels in the Sudety Mountains

The last chapel on the trail.

Chapel in Villa Greta

Roadside cross at Villa Greta. Together with the niche chapel above the entrance to the restaurant, they are one of the points of the trail.

Cottage chapel

One of the pillar chapels.

Monument to the victims of the World War I

The founder of the monument to the victims of World War I was the pre-war community of Dobków. After the war, firefighters in place of the original plaque funded a new one. A few words about the monuments to the victims of the First World War.

View from kapliczna.

View from kapliczna.

Dobków - Chapel Trail

A house chapel on the hill Kapliczna.


At the “lower” stop (the first from the side of Świerzawa) there is a cottage chapel and a roadside cross.

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