Katshava Mountains

Gold Mine in Złotoryja

Aurelia Gold Mine – an underground attraction for children.

Price list

  • Normal ticket
    10 2.4person
  • Reduced ticket
    7 1.7person

Opening hours / opening dates

  • May - September
  • Monday - Tuesday
  • Wednesday - Sunday
  • entrance to the mine every half hour
  • last entrance half an hour before closing
  • attraction available seasonally, closed from October to April


  • the gold mine is a closed adit “Aurelia” in Złotoryja
  • the length of the route is approx. 100 m
  • time of sightseeing in groups of up to 10 people approx. 20 minutes
  • the temperature in the basement is approx. + 8 C, warm clothing is necessary
  • corridors are low, narrow, there is high humidity in the mine
  • sightseeing only in protective helmets issued at the checkout
  • in front of the mine there is a large parking lot, a camping area and a playground
  • it is also worth visiting the Gold Museum
  • for visiting any attraction of Złotoryja you will receive one sticker to the Passport of the Discoverer of the Land of Extinct Volcanoes
  • See also other attractions of Złotoryja
  • other underground attractions of Lower Silesia

Frequently asked questions

Visiting the gold mine

Gold Mine in Złotoryja.

Gold mine in Złotoryja - price list

Entrance to the mine.

Getting to the gold mine in Złotoryja

The mine is illuminated, flashlights are not needed.

Opening hours of the gold mine

It can also be a bit muddy.

Mines to visit in Lower Silesia

The corridors are quite low, the helmet will be very useful in places.

Gold Mine

The tunnels are narrow, squeezing through is a real adventure!

How to get to the Gold Museum

In front of the entrance to the mine there is a well-prepared picnic area and parking.

Gold Mine - visiting hours

At the entrance to the mine, all visitors are given protective helmets. Sometimes you have to lean hard when visiting underground tunnels.

Entrance to the Gold Mine in Złotoryja

Entrance gate to the Aurelia adit.

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