Lower Silesia, lowlands

Regional Museum in Jawor

Museum in Jawor – a regional museum that is worth visiting.

Price list

  • Normal ticket
    14 3.3person
  • Reduced ticket
    10 2.4person
  • Museum Guide
    45 10.5hour
  • City Guide
    55 12.8hour

Opening hours / opening dates

  • November - March
  • Wednesday - Sunday
  • April - October
  • Wednesday - Sunday


  • the museum is located in one of the two preserved in Lower Silesia seats of the medieval Bernardine Order, the history of this object dates back 500 years
  • the complex includes: a fifteenth-century hall church, cloisters, a courtyard and a dansker connected by a passage with the monastery wing
  • the museum has a rich archaeological, geological, ethnographic, military and old craft collections – a total of 11 permanent exhibitions
  • the facility also organizes temporary exhibitions as well as lessons and workshops: gingerbread, weaving, painting on glass, archaeological
  • on site a café with an exhibition of figural gingerbread
  • the museum also provides a viewpoint on the tower of the Piast Castle
  • See also other attractions of Jawor

Frequently asked questions

Jawor Museum

The museum has a rich collection of rocks and minerals.


The former life of the townspeople of Jawor.

Museum in Jawor

The museum is located in a medieval monastery complex.

Geological exposure

Permanent exhibition “Treasury of the Sudetenland”.

Attractions of the Museum in Jawor

Permanent exhibition “Lower Silesian Chamber”.

Gingerbread from Jawor

Before the war, Jawor was known for baking dumplings. The museum is rich in antique forms for gingerbread, and families with children can order gingerbread workshops.

Attractions Jawor

The museum is located in the old Bernardine Abbey.

Museum in Jawor

11 permanent exhibitions, temporary exhibitions, workshops and museum lessons.

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