Rudawy Mountains

Colorful Lakes

Colorful Lakes – four colorful ponds in Rudawy Janowickie.

Price list

  • free entry
  • 10 2.4person
  • 20 4.7person
  • 30 7person

Opening hours / opening dates

    Attraction “open” around the clock, all year round. This is the area of the State Forests accessible to everyone.


    • Kolorowe Jeziorki are located in the area of the Rudawski Landscape Park near the village of Wieściszowice
    • the complex consists of lakes: yellow (periodically drying), purple, emerald and the highest located green (also periodically dries).
    • are remnants of ancient pyrite mines, and their color comes from minerals dissolved in water
    • Colorful Lakes are part of the green trail running from Wieściszowice to Wielka Kopa – the highest peak of the eastern part of the Rudawy Janowickie Mountains
    • is one of the most crowded attractions in the area, so expect a lot of traffic, and on clear weekends even crowds
    • access to Wieściszowice from the village of Marciszów, bouncing off the road No. 328
    • near the start of the walking trail to the lakes there are several private parking lots – all of them are paid
    • beware of “touts” – people who will persuade you to parking at a considerable distance from the lakes!
    • in the season, a wooden fast-food booth works by the yellow lake
    • nearby there are other attractions: Bolczów Castle, Sokoliki, educational path in Miedzianka – a city that has disappeared, Craft Brewery Miedzianka

    Frequently asked questions

    Colorful Lakes

    Purple Lake – the second lake on the route. The first, the smallest – the yellow lake periodically dries.

    Colorful Ponds

    It is also worth looking at mosses and lichens.

    In Rudawy Janowickie

    In May, the green lake is even more picturesque.

    Minerals in Rudawy Janowickie

    On the tour, it is worth paying attention to the dripstones and crystals that settle on the rock walls – especially after the rain.

    Lakes in Rudawy Janowickie

    The green lake, the last on the trail during drought, turns into a pool or dries up completely.

    Azure lake in the Rudawski Landscape Park

    Blue lake, sometimes called azure or blue. Phenomenal!

    Visiting Jeziorki

    The trail is very picturesque.

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