Rudawy Mountains


Sokoliki – Mecca of rock climbers and a great observation point in rudawy Janowickie.


  • Sokolik Duży, together with Krzyżna Góra are two characteristic, visible from afar peaks in Rudawy Janowickie
  • the place is suitable for a walk with children, because it is not too long or difficult, the last section is quite steep. We do not recommend a trip with a stroller
  • on the top rock of Sokolika there is a viewpoint, with winding, iron stairs leading to the top
  • on the way from the Karpnicka Pass there is a historic Szwajcarka hostel
  • from the top you will see a great view within a 360° radius on:
    Bóbr Valley, Jelenia Góra Valley, Giant Mountains, Kaczawskie Mountains
  • other attractions of the Rudawy Janowickie are the Bolczów Castle, the mysterious Miedzianka with a mini-brewery, Colorful Lakes and the highest peak of the Rudaw Skalnik
  • the surroundings are very popular for people practicing sport climbing, you can see climbers even on the Sokolik peak rock
Attractions Rudawy Janowickie

View from Sokolik towards Krzyżna Góra, the main chain of Rudawy Janowickie and Karkonosze with Śnieżka.


Sokoliki from Krzyżna Góra.

Sokolik the Great

Sokolik the Great in all its glory.

How to get to Sokoliki

View from Sokoliki towards the Kaczawskie Mountains. At the bottom of the Bóbr Valley.

Rudawy Janowickie Sokoliki

View from Sokolik Wielki to Krzyżna Góra and the Karkonosze Mountains in the background.

Dormitory Szwajcarka

Historic shelter PTTK Szwajcarka.

Attractions Rudawy Janowickie

Entrance to the viewing platform.

Trail to Sokoliki

Trail to Sokoliki – the last approach.

Sokol Mountains

On the way to Sokoliki.

Sokoliki - how to get there

Just behind the swiss hostel. In the upper right corner you can see Sokoliki – the goal of the hiking expedition.

Rock climbing in Poland

It is here that one of the best climbing schools in Poland is located.

Rock climbing in Rudawy Janowickie

In Sokoliki you can almost always meet rock climbers.

Sokolik – write how it was!

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