Katshava Mountains

Beekeeping workshops

Beekeeping workshops in the Land of Extinct Volcanoes

Price list

  • individual ticket
    50 11.7person
  • family ticket
    190 44.2family

Dla gości Villi Greta biorących udział w warsztatach – 10 % rabatu na wszystkie miody Beekapella.

Opening hours / opening dates

  • May - September
  • workshops are held regularly during holidays and warm weekends
  • see the current calendar of workshops in the Land of Extinct Volcanoes
  • at any time you can order workshops for a school group, several families or as an attraction at a company event


  • in the garden of Apikraina we get to know bee families and their homes
  • we taste honey and discover the secrets of the family honey plant
  • we experience ulotherapy in apidomki and knock down bee frames
  • Apikraina is also a bee playground for large and small
  • during the tour of the BeeKapella mountain apiary, participants are provided with beekeeping costumes and gloves
  • full footwear is required
  • people who are allergic or have fears of a possible sting may give up the part of the workshop in which we look at the bee world up close
  • children should be accompanied by at least 1 guardian
  • for participation in the workshop you will receive a stamp to the Passport of the Discoverer of the Land of Extinct Volcanoes

Frequently asked questions

Beekeeping workshops

Beekeeping workshops in the Kaczawskie Mountains.

Beekeeping workshops

Beekeeping workshops are run by Edyta and Michał Judzińscy – owners of Gościniec Kapella.

Honey from Kapella Inn

Honey from Kapella Inn. Excellent and very clean, thanks to the remoteness from industry and, above all, intensive agricultural crops.

Visiting the apiary

Visiting the apiary.

Visiting the apiary Lower Silesia

There are no shortcuts in Apikrain! Each participant of the workshop can see the work of a beekeeper live.


Visiting the back of the apiary.

Workshops about bees

Crushing bee frames in Apikrain.

Apikraina in Podgórki

Apikrain in Podgórki.

Crushing bee frames

Crushing bee frames.


Cottages for apitherapy.

How honey is made

How honey is made.


Bees and other hymenoptera.

Beekeeping workshops for children

Beekeeping workshops for children.

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