Giant Mountains, Jelenia Gora Valley

the Giant Mountains Museum

Karkonosze Museum – interesting and friendly for families with children.

Price list

  • normal ticket
    20 4.7person
  • reduced ticket
    15 3.5person
  • with large family card
  • normal ticket
    15 3.5person
  • reduced ticket
    7 1.7person
  • guided tour
  • up to 10 people
    30 7group
  • more than 10 people
    70 16.3group
  • on Wednesdays free admission

Opening hours / opening dates

  • October - March
  • Monday
  • Tuesday - Sunday
  • April - September
  • Monday
  • Tuesday - Sunday
  • admission possible up to 30 minutes before closing


  • the museum’s collection includes painting, sculpture, works of applied art, art glass, ethnographic exhibition (including a fully preserved half-timbered village cottage with equipment) and the history of Jelenia Góra and the surrounding area
  • some of the exhibitions are interactive, attractive for children
  • in the museum there is a waiting room with a children’s corner
  • the museum also organizes temporary exhibitions
  • the property is located right next to the Time Gates Underground
  • Jelenia Góra – see other attractions of the city

Frequently asked questions

Studio Borowski"

The museum could not miss the glass of world-famous artists from Lower Silesia from the Glassworks Studio Borowski.

Attractions for children

A great attraction for children are educational multimedia toys. Of course, related to the processing of glass.

Glass Museum

The undoubted advantage of the Karkonosze Museum is the large space and the lack of crowding :).

Multimedia glass museum

The museum houses glass from different historical periods from Baroque through Classicism, Art Nouveau to modern glass.

Museum Krkonoše

Exposition of the oldest history. The exhibits come from excavations in the vicinity of Jelenia Góra.

Child-friendly museum

The urban part of the museum.

Jelenia Góra Museum

Visiting the museum is facilitated by modern multimedia.

Jelenia Góra - the most interesting museum

Traditional bedroom in a Sudeten cottage.

Karkonosze Museum - price list

Roof covered with shingles under a glass roof. The museum skillfully combined tradition and modernity.

Attractions Jelenia Góra

The Karkonosze Museum helps to understand the very complicated history of Lower Silesia.

Jelenia Góra museum - opening hours

Old tiled stove.

the Giant Mountains Museum

Interior of the Sudeten hut.

Museum in Jelenia Góra

Modern interior of the Karkonosze Museum. Under the glass roof there is a traditional Sudeten hut, which you can of course visit.

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