Lower Silesia, lowlands

Hydropolis in Wroclaw

Hydropolis in Wrocław – an interactive centre of knowledge about water.

Price list

  • Individual entrance
  • reduced ticket
    23 5.4person
  • normal ticket
    32 7.5person
  • family ticket (2 adults + 2 children)
    85 19.8person
  • children up to 3 years
    free of charge / included
  • Group entrance
  • reduced ticket
    21 4.9person
  • normal ticket
    27 6.3person

Opening hours / opening dates

  • Monday - Friday
  • Saturday - Sunday


  • Hydropolis with the help of multimedia techniques, models, replicas shows the subject of water from many different perspectives
  • interactive museum is located inside a former clean water tank for the city of Wrocław
  • the knowledge center consists of several exhibition zones: water states, water planet, ocean of life, city and water, depths, man and water, history of water engineering, relaxation zone, children’s zone and additionally a water printer
  • the exhibition is intended for adults and older children, toddlers, unfortunately, can get bored
  • guides serve only organized groups, but the place is a narrative exhibition, for an individual tourist / family multimedia is enough
  • the facility can be visited with the help of a free multimedia application (for Android and iOS), which also includes an audio guide
  • the exhibition is fully translated into English, the museum also has handbooks in German, English and Russian
  • there are 2 cafés and a souvenir shop on site
  • ticket can be conveniently purchased online here
  • parking located directly in Hydropolis is intended only for organized groups (arriving by bus) and for people with disabilities, but it is not difficult to park nearby (paid parking zone of the city of Wrocław)
  • if a visit to the water knowledge center was interesting for you, be sure to see the Sudeten Educational Homestead – a center of knowledge about the earth and volcanoes

Frequently asked questions

Hydropolis in Wroclaw

Hydropolis – Water Science Center.

Attractions Hydropolis

After two hours of sightseeing, a well-deserved rest.

Relaxation zone.

Relaxation zone.

History of Water Engineering

In the “History of Water Engineering” zone.



Is it worth visiting Hydropolis

In the zone “Ocean of life”.

Attractions Hydropolis

In the “Deep” zone.

Hydropolis sightseeing

Entrance hall to the water knowledge center.

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