Orchards, vegetable garden and herbarium

Fruits, vegetables and herbs

From garden to table

Veggies field in Villa Greta

Veggies field in Villa Greta

Our herbarium

Harvest of onion flowers.

Herbarium of Villa Greta

The buds of the onion flowers will be marinated. And later added to the tartare.


Spruce tips after marinating taste great in several dishes.




Tomatoes. When grown in the garden, they have a completely different taste from those bought in the store.

Slow-food philosophy

The cuisine in Villa Greta is based on the slow-food philosophy, i.e. we cook from regional products, often produced on our own farm, or on the farms of our neighbours.

Apple tree in bloom

Apple tree in bloom.


Harvested potatoes go to the cellar. They will be enough until the next spring.

Potato harvest

Potato harvest.

Restaurant with herb-seasoned food

Meals in Greta are seasoned with herbs and natural spices. We do not use flavour enhancers.

Currant in bloom

Currant in bloom. In the future, its fruits will become ingredients in a cake or home-made fruit drink.

Slow food Lower Silesia

The vegetable garden nearest to Greta is the work of Grandma Krysia.

Slow food restaurant Polish mountains

Herbarium in Villa Greta. Let’s see… chives, two species of mint, lovage…

Herbarium Poland

Backyard herbarium.

Slow-food Lower Silesia

Children can help in picking fruits and vegetables: cucumbers, carrots, beets, parsley, broad beans…

Slow food restaurant near Wroclaw

Orchards in Villa Greta. We prepare tasty preserves from fruits from these apple trees, plum trees, gooseberry bushes.

Slow food restaurant

Lettuces of different colors and frayedness.

Slow food cultivation

Our backyard garden.

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