Katshava Mountains

Romanesque church in Świerzawa

Romanesque Church of St. John the Baptist and St. Catherine of Alexandria – one of the most important monuments of this era in Poland.

Price list

  • normal ticket
    5 1.2person
  • reduced ticket
    2.5 0.6person
  • audio guide included in the ticket price

Opening hours / opening dates

  • April - September
  • Monday - Thursday
  • Friday - Sunday
  • in the low season, sightseeing is possible by prior telephone appointment


  • historic, romanesque church of St. John the Baptist and St. Catherine of Alexandria is a unique monument of sacred art in Lower Silesia
  • today it no longer has sacred functions, it is a secular museum
  • you will see here unique polychromes in Europe – more information: Kaczawski Szlak Średniowiecznych Polychromii
  • sightseeing with the participation of audio guides in Polish and Czech (using rented devices or applications on your own phone)
  • in the church there is tourist information, a shop of local handicrafts, as well as exhibitions of local artists and collectors
  • in the season a lot of concerts and performances
  • for visiting the church you will receive a sticker to the Passport of the Discoverer of the Land of Extinct Volcanoes
  • being in Świerzawa stop for Italian ice cream with homemade fruit glaze (they are great), you will find an ice cream parlour on the main road, in the window opposite the church, in the Świerzawa market square

Frequently asked questions

Romanesque church in Świerzawa

The church in Świerzawa is one of the most important monuments in Lower Silesia.

Church in Lower Silesia

Church of St. John the Baptist and St. You should see Catherine of Alexandria while in the Mountains and the Kaczawskie Foothills.

Entrance gate

The church in Świerzawa is surrounded by a wall with an entrance gate.

Renaissance tombstones.

Renaissance tombstones.

Historic crucifix

Church crucifix.

Opening hours of the church

Renaissance tombstones.

Historic frescoes

The most valuable element of the church in Świerzawa are medieval polychromes depicting animals m.in. giraffes and storks.

Historic church in the Kaczawskie Foothills

Entrance to the church of St. John and St. Catherine.

Attractions of the Katshava Mountains

In 2021 the church was beautifully illuminated.

The most beautiful church in Poland

There are a lot of small details inside.

Churches worth seeing in Lower Silesia

In the church you can feel the mysterious atmosphere of the Middle Ages.

Interior of the historic church of St. John and St. Catherine

Interior of the church of St. John the Baptist and St. Catherine of Alexandria.

Historic church of St. John

View of the church from the old railway bridge.

Romanesque church museum

View from the tower of the Primary School in Świerzawa – currently the tower is not open to the public.

Świerzawa - Schönau an der Katzbach

View towards the town of Świerzawa. On the horizon is the Eastern Range of the Kaczawskie Mountains.

Worth seeing in Lower Silesia

View from the church tower in the direction of Ostrzyca.

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