Dobkow, Katshava Mountains

Rural field game for groups

Rural slow field game. Walk, treats, puzzles and beautiful views.

Price list

  • adult
    90 20.5person
  • the minimum number of participants is 15 people

Opening hours / opening dates

  • all year round


  • the field game is dedicated to groups: at company events, several families, a group of friends
  • its leitmotif is movement in the air, a walk with elements of fun and education
  • you play alone, but in a few places we will direct the fun
  • at the start you will receive a map on which you will find points that should be visited and questions related to them – in the appropriate places on the printout you will enter the answers
  • during the game you will be waiting: searching for caches, curiosities and puzzles, reading the map and other tasks, there will also be time for a cake or ice cream with coffee / tea, tasting tinctures or juices pressed from old varieties of apple trees and a short tour of the Sudeten Educational Homestead
  • it’s great fun for a minimum of 3/4 hours, a walk, treats and beautiful views
  • at the end, if you manage to get all the answers, you will receive a reward that you will show off at home

During the game you will visit

Volcanic eruption show in Dobków

Sudetic Geoscience Centre

The Sudeten Educational Homestead is a modern multimedia science center dedicated to geology and other earth sciences and the history of the region.

time needed: 1.5 h
Route length: 0.1 km
Dobkow, Katshava Mountains
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Slow food restaurant

Restaurant Villa Greta

Restaurant Villa Greta – meals with regional products. Polish cuisine with a hint of Mediterranean and Asian. Then you will receive a stamp to the Explorer’s Passport

time needed: 2 h
Dobkow, Giant Mountains, Jelenia Gora Valley, Jizera Mountains, Katshava Mountains, Lower Silesia, lowlands, Middle Sudetes, Rudawy Mountains
Explorer's Passport: pieczątka
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Field game corporate event

Field game during a company event. The guys broke the bank.

Field game for business

A field game for companies, it’s time for a meal in an old coach house.

Pergola in Villa Greta

Nobody has to do anything. We go in the rhythm of slow.

Field game in Dobków

One of the fun points – Sudecka Educational Homestead.

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