Mineral exploration, geotourism

Agates, amethysts, pyrites, calcites, jaspers, gold…

Where to look for minerals in the Land of Extinct Volcanoes?

The Land of Extinct Volcanoes is a paradise for geologists and mineral collectors. The Katshava Mountains are a very diverse and rich in rocks and minerals area, with many remnants of former mining activity.

Geological workshops
  • closed quarry in Lubiechowa, agates and amethysts
  • Gozdno – agates, amethysts, quartz druses, smoky quartz in rhyolite
  • Nowy Kosciol, Rozana, Sokolowiec, Piekielko with agates in pink rhyolite
  • Nowy Kosciol – septaria
  • closed quarry in Przezdziedza – rare ribbon agate
  • Ploczki Gorne near Lwowek Slaski – beautiful agates and chalcedony
  • Radzimowice called Stara Gora, a very picturesque, former mining town – pyrites, chalcopyrites, arsenopyrites
  • Katshava River, Skora River, Bukownica River and other tributaries of these rivers – gold bearing sands
  • see on the map the places where you will find agates
  • Miedzianka in the Rudawy Mountains, popular thanks to Filip Springer’s book entitled “Miedzianka. History of a disappearance” – minerals associated with copper and uranium ores
  • the village of Leszczyna with an open-air museum and a mining museum and an interesting geoeducation path “Syncline of Leszczyna” – malachite, azurite, dendrites
  • closed limestone quarries in Wojcieszow: Silesia, Quarry of Death, Milek, Gruszka – calcites
  • Rosocha Mountain over Stanislawow – barite
  • a gallery of Katshavian agates and information about where agates can be found here
Agates in the Katshava Foothills
Why the Katshava Mountains and Foothills?

It is a Polish mecca of geologists and prospectors of precious stones and minerals

  • searching for minerals in the Land of Extinct Volcanoes is relatively simple. In a small space you can find rocks and minerals from different geological periods
  • before the workshops, it is worth getting to know the Sudetic Geoscience Centre – a modern interactive educational space focused on geology and volcanoes
  • the following workshops are available for children and adults:
  • for children, playing geologists is often the most interesting memory from the Land of Extinct Volcanoes
Agate from Płóczki Górne
Agat Sokolowiec
Agata in Poland
Agates Poland
Minerals of the Kaczawskie Mountains
Worth visiting

Other geological attractions in the area

In addition to the search for minerals, the basis of the geotourist offer of the region are also unique places that are a must-visit.

View from the Pear Quarry
The only such place in Poland!

the Land of Extinct Volcanoes Geopark

This is a unique place. Only here you will see 500 milions years of the Earth history. In addition to relics of volcanic activity and geological treasures, you will find picturesque trails, beautiful views, you will meet great artists and craftsmen here.

Adventure plays in the soul

One day is not enough!

We must admit – to find an amazing mineral is not easy. However, commitment, a little effort and determination in the search give amazing results. Especially with so many sites in our area. Plan your stay, prepare for a trip and experience a geological adventure in the Land of Extinct Volcanoes. Such an adventure tastes best with family or friends!

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