Katshava Mountains

Single track Dłużek, Kaczawskie Mountains

“Dłużek” – single for advanced, with a sensational observation tower at the top.


  • “Dłużek” is quite a long and difficult route compared to the other Kaczawski Single Tracks
  • length of the route: 16 km
  • elevation gain: 469 m
  • it is a route for at least intermediate cyclists – it consists of a long, quite strenuous climb and several tight turns and obstacles on the route. We do not recommend for children
  • a big attraction is the observation tower at the top of Dłużek, with an excellent view of the Kaczawskie Mountains, the Kaczawskie Foothills and the Karkonosze Mountains
  • on the way you will also see the ruins of the medieval gallows near Wojcieszów
  • the main parking lot is located in Wojcieszów, but it is possible to overcome the route with the start in Dobków – this expands the journey by several kilometers, but adds beautiful views of the surrounding hills and fields, open the trail to the single track Dłużek from Dobków
  • GPX map of the “Dłużek” route – available from the level of cycling applications
  • see more Kaczawskie Single Tracks
  • in the Villa Greta restaurant you will receive a free map of all Kaczawski single tracks
  • rent an electric bike: premium bike with full suspension from Krzysztof or touring bikes from Michał
Observation tower on Dłużek

View from the observation tower on Dłużek towards the Karkonosze Mountains.

Gallows in Wojcieszów

On the way we pass by the ruins of the medieval gallows.

Cycling route Dłużek Wojcieszów

The Dłużek route is too difficult for smaller children. It will not do without driving bicycles.

Single track Dłużek in Wojcieszów

The difficulty scale of the single-track “Dłużek” is intermediate with elements of advanced.

Kaczawskie Foothills

View from the tower towards Ostrzyca and the Kaczawskie Foothills.

Single track Dłużek / Wojcieszów

Single track Dłużek in the Kaczawskie Mountains. Access from Dobków from the north, by green or black tourist trail.

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